9 February 2016

Decisions, decisions…

The winning colour was off the BC Cycles brand palette, one of the blues – sort of in keeping with the fact it began life blue, and blue is a continuing theme through the shop!

So then the decision about what kit to fit on came up but was made easy – because we are now dealers for Brick Lane Bikes!!! So we have sourced wheels, chain set and stem from their range and this is the result so far!

The next challenge was finding some long drop brakes that would actually fit – the current BLB range and other brands they stock just weren’t long enough for this vintage frame! We’ve done the needful with Tectro items which are part of the range we can access through or other dealerships.

Colour of the finishing kit then had to be debated; again BLB helped us out form their wide range of bar tape cables and toe straps. The possibility of using bamboo mudguards was too good to pass up so brown became the theme, with leather bar tape and saddle to polish off its hipster vibe.

So with a Nitto bar off another half disassembled wreck in the shed and a Raleigh seat post we had all the bits to hand or on order to finish it off –After its 30 year sabbatical this vintage two wheeler is road worthy again!

This work of art is on display in BC Cycles, come and have a look for yourself, or inquire about how we can help you with your own restoration project.