24 November 2015

Every cyclist will know the dreaded feeling that accompanies a mechanical failure. Or the unfortunate yet inevitable moment when your tyre and morale simultaneously deflate. We at BC Cycles have compiled a list of essential items to carry in your saddle bag to help you through these unfortunate moments. 

  1. Spare inner tube – Have at least one spare inner tube with you. Check what size you need by looking on the side wall of your tyre. You will also need a pump or CO2 canister. You can store this attached to your bike, in the back of your jersey or make sure whoever you’re cycling with has one.
  2. Tyre levers - To assist you in changing over your tube. You can either go for the usual multiple levers system or use a Crankbrothers all in one Speedier Lever.
  3. Puncture patches – for when one puncture just isn’t enough. This should at least get you home or to the nearest bike shop.
  4. Multi tool – For quick adjustments to the brakes or gears.
  5. Energy bar – Emergency rations for the last few miles home. When your legs feel like led a quick energy boost will make all the difference.

This is not an exhaustive list and will not solve all the issues you may encounter on a ride. For example the need for beer. But for most cyclists commuting or out on a jolly this should be enough to get you out of a sticky situation or two.