21 November 2015

  1. Get yourself a bike – Beat the traffic, save on petrol and get your exercise fix all in one. Sign up to your employer’s cycle to work scheme and save up to 42% on your bike. Visit www.cyclescheme.co.uk to find out how it works and how much you can save.  
  2. Helmet – No longer an ugly necessity but a stylish accessory offering comfort and protection. We stock a range of Cannondale, Spiuk and Met Helmets. Find the perfect fit for you.
  3. Skullie – Pair your helmet with skullie. Wear underneath your helmet to keep your head and ears warm and snug.
  4. High Visibility Waterproof Jacket – Protect yourself from the elements with a water proof jacket and keep cycling in all weathers. Have a look at our Polaris RBS jackets and stay dry and visible during the winter months.
  5. Water proof overshoes – Don’t let damp feet dampen your spirits. Keep dry with a pair of water proof over shoes. Compatible with both cycling shoes and ordinary footwear. 
  6. Mudguards – Shield your clothing from unwanted mud and spray with our Crud mudguards. 
  7. Slap strap – to keep any wayward trouser legs from flapping into a greasy chain.
  8. Lights – See and be seen. Our Smart and Dosun LED lights will provide long range visibility. 
  9. Pannier Rack & Panniers – Keep your laptop, tablet and phone dry. Easily transport all your work supplies including a change of clothes for when you arrive.
  10. Bike Locks – Store a substantial lock, such as our maximum security Masterlock on a bike rack at work. Carry a smaller D-lock on your bike or in your bag for any interim stops. We are very excited about the new HipLoks coming into stock. Designed to be carried round your waist they are easy to carry and with a florescent strip enhance visibility whilst cycling.

All these items may be purchased from us here at BC Cycles. We are happy to help in any way we can to get you and your bike up and running.